Orient Hongye held its 10th anniversary celebration and customer appreciation meeting


Colorful flags hung high to convey good news, singing and laughing Qi Qingsheng. On November 1, Shandong Dongfang Hongye Chemical Co., Ltd. solemnly held the "10th Anniversary Celebration Meeting" and a customer appreciation meeting at the Blue Ocean Hotel in Weifang. The company specially invited nearly 300 guests and employees to gather together to participate in the grand event.



The general manager of the company, Wang Fengzhong, delivered a keynote report on "Ten Years of Departure·A Hundred Years of Hongye" at the meeting, sharing the successful experience of Hongye people through three crises in ten years of entrepreneurship. In summary, they are six perseverances-adhere to people-oriented, Insist on clean production, insist on innovation and efficiency, insist on customer-centered, insist on the original intention of the struggler, and insist on the change of productivity. The first ten years of Hongye were the ten years when Hongye people "layed the foundation, brought style, and established an image". After ten years of hard work, Hongye people laid a good material foundation and unique corporate culture with sweat and wisdom. , And won the recognition of customers and the market, creating necessary conditions for the further development of Hongye; At the same time, Mr. Wang Xiangxiang to all employees who have worked hard in their respective positions and partners who have been supporting the development of the company for many years and from all walks of life He expressed his sincere gratitude, analyzed how to seize opportunities and meet challenges in the new ten years, and put forward the company's future development strategy.





The representatives of the customers delivered speeches and expressed their warm congratulations to the tenth anniversary of the establishment of Dongfang Hongye and sincere greetings to the employees of Dongfang Hongye. They reviewed the course of cooperation with Dongfang Hongye and expressed their good wishes to continue to go hand in hand and seek the future together. ; The employee representatives reviewed the company's ten-year development and entrepreneurial history, and were full of confidence in the bright future of the company in the future.

The conference also awarded the "Ten Years of Contribution Award" to 86 employees, and the "Ten Years of Meritorious Person Award" to 5 employees to commend them for sticking to the original aspiration of entrepreneurship for ten years, sharing the same boat with the company, and contributing to the company's development. Great contribution; the conference awarded 10 suppliers the title of "Excellent Supplier" and 14 distributors and downstream users with the title of "Best Partner" to thank them for their strong support and trust in Dongfang Hongye over the years.



Subsequently, a literary performance written and performed by the company's employees kicked off in the magnificent opening dance "Chinese Dragon Drum". This theatrical performance is diverse, brilliant, and climax, showing the positive, optimistic and confident spirit of Hongye people. The recitation program "Along the Way, Thanks for You" was created based on the company's development history and reproduced the real situation of Hongye people's hard work and entrepreneurship, which was touching and resonating; The pantomime "Excursion at the Station" was funny and humorous, which won the audience bursts of laughter. Applause and applause; the final chorus "My Motherland and Me" expressed Hongye people's wishes for a better future for the company and the motherland.


As night fell, the lanterns began to come on, and the 18:00 thank you dinner officially began. General Manager Wang Fengzhong made a speech at the cocktail party: The reason why Hongye can survive and develop in the economic winter is inseparable from the strong support and trust of our customers. They are Hongye’s partners on the way forward. When Hongye was in financial difficulties, they extended a helping hand; when Hongye’s new products were launched, they boldly tried it out; when the market was down, they helped Hongye open up sales. Hongyewei repays its customers through continuous innovation, continuous improvement of product quality, and continuous provision of high-quality value-added services for customer service. Under the new economic form, all upstream and downstream companies have become a community of destiny. We need to work together and integrate in-depth industrial information in order to jointly promote the high-quality development of Chinese manufacturing and the Chinese economy, and contribute to the early realization of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. A piece of strength.


Since the launch of the tenth anniversary celebration, the company has integrated the celebration into its daily work, closely integrated with promoting positive energy and enhancing team cohesion. It has successively updated the company brochure, filmed a promotional video, and held the tenth anniversary of "Me and Hongye" A series of activities such as essays and 10th anniversary photo exhibition, team development training, softball game, etc., were enthusiastic and actively participated by the employees.

Dongfang Hongye has been following the drumbeat of changes in the times and national rejuvenation. After experiencing the initial difficulties and difficulties, the strategic transformation and industrial upgrading have been comprehensively promoted. Looking forward to the future, on the new development platform, the company will earnestly implement strategic planning, seize new development opportunities, face new challenges, accelerate transformation and development, and strive towards the goal of "building a century-old business".





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Shandong Dongfang Hongye Chemical Co., Ltd. was established in October 2009. It is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the research and development, production, operation and deep processing of liquefied petroleum gas. The company is located in the project park of Houzhen, Shouguang City, covering an area of 1,200 mu. The capital is 164 million yuan.

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