Our company and Sinopec Chemical Sales North China Branch held a cooperation signing ceremony

Sincerely cooperate and create brilliance together

Shandong Dongfang Hongye Chemical Co., Ltd. and Sinopec

Chemical Marketing North China Branch held a cooperation signing ceremony 


On July 18, 2018, the signing ceremony of the strategic cooperation between Shandong Dongfang Hongye Chemical Co., Ltd. and Sinopec North China Branch was held in the first meeting room of the office building. Wang Qiang, General Manager of Sinopec North China Branch, and Dou Hongjun, Deputy General Manager, Chang Ying, Director of Planning and Information Department, Wang Huichun, Manager of Synthetic Resin Department, Li Zongqin, Manager of Synthetic Rubber Department, Wang Hongdong, Manager of Qilu Business Department, Lu Hongxi, Deputy Director of General Manager Office, Wang Fengzhong, General Manager of Dongfang Hongye Chemical Co., Ltd., Chen Xinping, Deputy General Manager, Deputy General Manager Yuan Zhengbiao and Director of New Materials Business Department Bi Xinping attended the signing ceremony.


Before the signing ceremony, General Manager Wang Fengzhong of Dongfang Hongye extended a warm welcome to General Manager Wang Qiang and his party. After briefly introducing the basic situation of Dongfang Hongye, he communicated with the visiting leaders on the future development prospects of the new material industry and the content of the company's development situation. During the exchange, General Manager Wang Qiang recognized the strength of Dongfang Hongye Petrochemical Co., Ltd. and put forward hopes and requirements for cooperation with Dongfang Hongye.

Wang Qiang, general manager of Sinopec Chemical Sales North China Branch, said: First of all, the cooperation between the two parties is sincere and mutual trust, which is the recognition of Dongfang Hongye and Sinopec's knowledge for many years; secondly, they are full of confidence in the cooperation with Hongye and new petrochemical materials. It is hoped that Oriental Hongye will continue to utilize its R&D advantages and achieve better results; thirdly, today's signing marks the establishment of a new platform for cooperation between the two parties. It is necessary to take this cooperation as a starting point and consider the long-term strategic cooperation with Oriental Hongye from multiple levels and perspectives to achieve mutual benefit and win-win results. Finally, I wish Orient Hongye to make new achievements in the future development, and I also wish that the signing of the two parties today will become a model of new cooperation and a new starting point for both parties.

The general manager of the company Wang Fengzhong first thanked Sinopec for its trust and dedication to Dongfang Hongye. Compared with Sinopec, Dongfang Hongye is more like a rising star. Dongfang Hongye, as the leader of domestic private enterprises in PP and PB production, relies on Sinopec’s central enterprises. Platform advantages, jointly promote the development of PP and PB industries, the first cooperation will definitely achieve 1+1>2 results, and jointly make outstanding contributions to the innovative development of new materials.

Participants from both sides jointly witnessed the signing ceremony, marking that the two parties formally reached a strategic partnership in new materials including PB and PPR. Subsequently, general manager Wang Qiang and his party visited the factory area under the leadership of the company's general manager Wang Fengzhong and others.

The cooperation between Shandong Dongfang Hongye and the North China Branch of Chemical Marketing will open a new chapter in the innovation and integration of private enterprises and state-owned enterprises, and write a wonderful stroke in the history of cooperation between Dongfang Hongye and Sinopec, and this will definitely achieve brilliant results.





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