1、To seek benefit from management is the economic growth point of modern enterprises.

2、The establishment of the operation mechanism of the enterprise is an important part of the enterprise culture.

(1) Surface culture: visual, logo image: clothing, logos, writing paper, envelopes, etc

(2) Shallow culture: Code of words and deeds for employees: walking, talking and treating others

(3) Middle-level culture: the establishment and improvement of the management system of the whole enterprise, the combination of the operation status, effect and efficiency of the entire enterprise management system.

(4) Deep culture: corporate charm: vision, values, brand connotation and other deep things.

3、Standardized quality management is the two legs of enterprise development.

Enterprise management has five hardware systems :(1) development strategy planning; (2) Standardized quality management; (3) Human resource management; (4) Marketing management; (5) Capital operation management. The strategic objective management system is the brain of the enterprise, and the standardized quality management is the two legs of the enterprise, which must be down-to-earth.

4、Standardized quality management of enterprises needs to establish a sound seven modules, as well as the relationship between modules.

The first module: development strategy

The first thing an enterprise should do is to plan its development strategy. In other words, the enterprise must lock on the target market. What is the market it wants to occupy? In what direction? This is something that companies need to be aware of.

The second module: the core process

Under the premise of determining the strategic planning and locking the target market, what kind of core business process can an enterprise use to operate, so as to maximize its share of the target market.

The third module: organizational structure

Affecting enterprise behavior will directly determine whether the function of enterprise operation is sound. Therefore, the organizational structure is not drawn by the general manager, but should be carefully designed according to the enterprise's strategic development planning needs, core business processes and market demand-oriented guidance.

The fourth module: workflow

How many specific work processes does the enterprise have, how many organizational modules does the process have to go through, and how is each process determined? How clear are the responsibilities and rights in the process of work? How are resources allocated? Modern business management processes precede, precede, and exceed departmental setup.

Module 5: job description

How many departments are designed into the organization structure? What is the function of each department? What is the interaction between departments? The 3 decide inside each branch (decide post, decide make up, decide member) what is standard? What is the value of each position to the company? Then the enterprise must analyze the value of each position in the department.

The sixth module: performance management

Performance appraisal is not the same as performance management. Performance management is a system, performance appraisal is only one of the tools. The advanced performance appraisal method is the objective appraisal method. The enterprise must first determine the goal, determine the work responsibility, then can carry on the performance appraisal. Simple ranking, scoring often put the enterprise staff "test paste".

The seventh module: Incentive mechanism

Incentive should be included in the whole process of enterprise management, not only after the event of the incentive, but also should be in advance, in the incentive.

Only in this way can the management of an enterprise form a system, have a soul, and have a core.

5、The enterprise management system also includes the following modules.

Post evaluation - to each post of each post combined with the actual work evaluation, used to evaluate the actual functions of the post personnel.

Salary and welfare design -- planning the company's salary, welfare policy, options and other systems; planning the company's salary and welfare plan according to the modern enterprise system to make it competitive and fair, solve the worries of employees, and design interest incentive mechanism according to the company's development needs and personnel at different levels.

Human resources development -- according to the modern enterprise management principles to formulate the enterprise's human resources planning, including the enterprise's personnel preparation plan, talent replacement and talent reserve plan. Staff training and education system and plan, talent career planning, staff problems and construction system, etc.

Management process design -- according to the standard of modern enterprise, the establishment of the company's various systems of business processes, in order to coordinate the work between departments, standardize the company's various special business processes, coordination of business activities within the department. Formulate the management process, management system and management form of the company.

Management standard design - according to the business management process of the system, specify the corresponding management standard. Include the content of the management work, the time limit required to complete, the responsible person, the management files and forms required to be delivered.

Management form design - according to the requirements of management standards, design the corresponding management form. In order to establish the enterprise management information system (MIS) to lay the foundation.

Management information system design - MIS, namely enterprise management information system. On the basis of management process design, management standard design and management form design, computer software design and hardware connection are carried out to implement the electronic management information system.

Management by objectives -- Formulate the company's goal system and decomposition method, design the application form of management by objectives, and provide the basis for performance appraisal.




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