3000m³ Propylene Spherical Tank Inquiry

1. Name and quantity

There are two 3000m³ propylene spherical tanks, the design pressure is 2.16MPa, and the design temperature is -20℃-50℃.

2. Requirements

1. The material of the sphere is 370R (normalizing)

2. Shanghai Datong is selected as the paint brand, and the hazardous waste of paint buckets shall be properly handled by the supplier in accordance with laws and regulations.

3. Sandblasting and derusting Sa2.5 level. The sphere is made of thermal insulation and cooling glue, with 2 primers, 1 intermediate paint, and 2 top paints. Steel structure and fire-fighting sprinkler use epoxy resin iron red primer 2 times, medium gray top paint 1 time, and chlorinated rubber medium gray top paint 2 times. The guardrail uses yellow and black logo color.

4. The construction work must be carried out in accordance with the buyer's relevant system, and the construction can only be carried out after the work ticket is issued. When performing special operations, you must hold the corresponding valid certificates, such as welder's certificate, climbing certificate, etc., and wear uniform labor insurance.

3. Scope of contract

The overall design, materials, manufacturing, installation, welding, flaw detection, supervisory inspection, steel structure platform, inclined ladder, joint platform, fire sprinkler, anti-corrosion, construction, etc. of the spherical tank, and turnkey projects such as labor and materials.

Provide basic design drawings, and the seller will be responsible for the foundation construction.

Fourth, delivery status

Above the bottom of the column legs of the spherical tank, and within the sealing surface of the first flange of the sphere, the connecting pipe, platform, inclined ladder, combined platform, and fire sprinkler in the spherical tank are installed in place.

5. Quotation requirements

1. Ball weight, unit price per ton, total price, including installation, flaw detection, and supervisory inspection.

2. The unit price and total price of steel structure and fire sprinkler, including anti-corrosion.

3. The unit price and total price of sphere anticorrosion.

4. Total amount.

5. Quotation according to the shortest construction period.


※The quotation is valid until July 20, 2019


Contact: Xu Yongshan 15069678456

Shandong Dongfang Hongye Chemical Co., Ltd.




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